The Window is a short comedy about the profound liberation--and pleasure!--that comes from letting go of inhibitions, embracing all of who you are and revealing your soul and yourself to the world.


PhilippePhilippe Gosselin: Director, Producer, Actor

Philippe grew up in Butler, Pennsylvania, the middle child of three brothers, in a family of French Canadians, which is how he acquired his peculiar sense of humor. He homeschooled with his brothers for six years, raising animals and criss-crossing the country on educational road-trips, hitting some 47 states before being reintroduced to society and public education in 9th grade. Shy by nature, he found his expressive outlet on the stage, where he became a seasoned veteran of many a high school musical. When he wasn't rehearsing, Philippe counted the days until he could leave his conservative hometown to come out and be his true self. He found his escape by attending college at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut where he majored in Film Studies while he wasn't busy protesting. Never one to do things in a small way, he came out to the world his Freshman year on an MTV documentary entitled "When Hate Goes Pop," while simultaneously slamming Eminem's lyrics. He pursued his love of travel and adventure by spending a year of his undergraduate career studying in Paris and Madrid.

After graduating in 2004, Philippe left for the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, West Africa, where he served as a Health Education volunteer in a small village 100 miles from nowhere. You can read of his myriad of misadventures in Africa on his blog, which he's turning into a memoir entitled Singin' in the Bush. While sweating in a sexually frustrated stupor on the stoop outside his hut watching the goats meander by, he passed the time dreaming of an ocean-side utopia where multitudes of gay men grazed in beautiful scenic hills in cooler climes, which is how he came to move to San Francisco upon his return to modern civilization, and where he hopes to lose his virginity any day now. His first short documentary, Chalk!, premiered at Frameline31 last year. The Window is Philippe's second short film and second premiere at Frameline. It's his big screen debut and, in a way, it's also his second big Coming Out moment. He hopes to continue his mission of spreading Beauty, Freedom, Truth, Love and Laughter throughout the world. You can visit his website at

RonRonald Regina: Director, Producer

Beauty, design and spirit have always inspired Ronald Regina. This approach is reflected in his interdisciplinary philosophy to his life and work. Ronald has been through many incarnations beginning with his undergraduate studies in Architecture at New York Institute of Technology, to his graduate studies in Architecture and Visual Design at the University of California Berkeley. Later he taught at both of these universities, and at The American University of Rome, Italy. Ronald continued his journey in Africa where he began to explore the relationships between harmony, nature and spirit while researching and photographing indigenous architectural design and cultures in West Africa. For the last twenty-three years Ronald has created several unique visual design and production companies. Combining architecture, photography and live theatre he creates interactive, playful, and spirited installations and experiences for his clients. Currently, through film he hopes to reach his LGBT family by weaving freedom, humor and spirit with a twist of sexiness!

RogerRoger D. Klein: Actor

Roger D. Klein was born in Bern Switzerland in 1959, the Year of the Pig. Raised in a mall town in New Jersey, thankfully Roger's mother whisked him away to New York City's East Village after his parents divorced. After a lost weekend at the St. Marks Baths, Roger was begrudgingly shipped back to his father's house in New Jersey, where he lived until after Graduation from University of Miami in Florida. Finally returning to Manhattan with a fierce tan and a degree in Motion Picture and Television Production. Roger worked on Madison Avenue, editing film commercials, and also tended bar at trendy nightclubs. He had an incredible run until some complications involving a pyramid scheme went awry and he suddenly left town.

Roger D. Klein traveled throughout S.E. Asia for the next five years and taught Scuba Diving to unsuspecting tourists. After many years in tropical splendor Roger realized he missed the American way, and decided to give the U.S. another try, so after dedicating his life to THC (transcending the human condition), Roger landed in San Francisco where he tends bar at the Deco Lounge (please visit him ASAP), and he enjoys his simple life as a Loinboy, living and working in the Tenderloin, enjoying what San Francisco and Goodwill have to offer. Tragically, Roger lost his partner Paul Scates last summer and after many months of mourning, Roger embraced the spirit of Paul's unbridled passion for life and tried out for this wacky movie, which pushed Roger's personal limits and started to bring a sense of adventure and joy back into his life. Roger thanks the films directors Philippe Gosselin and Ronald Regina for choosing him to work on this fantastic project, and he would like to thank his late Grandpa Leon, who throughout his childhood paid Roger a penny for each sit up and a penny a push up. Still devoted to THC, Roger tries to live in a state of action and not reaction, but please do not piss him off. Though seemingly unapproachable, Roger is very easy going (and just plain easy), so say hello if you see him.

MajorMajor Mugrage: Actor

Bio forthcoming...


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